6 Old School Dating Rules That Don’t Work Today

Dating rules and expectations are drastically different than they were even 30 years ago. People didn’t date as much back in the day. In general, they found the person they were looking for and stuck with them. Feeling like you can only have one or two partners in your life puts a lot of pressure on yourself to make even bad relationships, work.

Nowadays, us millennials have an open book of options when it comes to dating especially with the rise and popularity of internet dating. So, here are a couple of rules that just wouldn’t work for our lives today.

Waiting 3 days before contacting your crush

With just 24 hours to initiate contact on Bumble, your possible knight in shining armour will be long gone sweetie.

Not Accepting a Last-Minute Offer

I’m too busy checking all the various dating apps I have running on my phone to meet you right now. Hangout you say… it’s 4am?

Picking up the phone and asking for a date

Does anyone talk anymore. Why do we have unlimited minutes?

Treat her like a lady

How does the saying go.. treat them mean keep them keen. I’m not sure this is what they had in mind.

Courting and chivalry

OK, so not every woman appreciates having the door held for them or getting help putting on her coat. However, it seems the "hookup culture" of today is all about being physical without getting tangled in the emotional.

No sex until the third date

This just clearly does not happen anymore.


OK, so this isn’t a dating rule but it sure seems harder to find nowadays. Keep the hope alive ladies, your prince charming is out there, just not on Tinder.