An Ode To My Mother

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother"

A good mother shapes who we become, while allowing us to make those important mistakes that end up informing our life choices. Our mothers can be all things to us: our conscience, counsellor, cheerleader, truth-sayer, you name it.

My mother was raised in an Asian family, in a culture where women were expected to get married, raise kids and listen to their husbands. She’s always been the rebel, she refused to conform to what society expected and demanded from her.

She, along with my grandmother raised me in my early childhood. In their culture, a child born out of wedlock is automatically branded with a surname, not of the parents choosing.

Further to this, my mum was told by members of her own family that she couldn’t possibly raise a child on her own. She did. She worked all night and got back early enough to take me to school in the mornings. I never felt I lacked in anything even when I suspect money was very tight.

She had many battles whilst raising a black child in Asia during the 90s, people weren’t as accustomed to diversity as they are now. Through adversity, she pulled through and made a life for us.  

My mum is my bestest friend.

Being a parent is a source of joy and also a challenge. It’s a job that pays no money. It’s a role that you can’t prepare for or quit.

She instilled strength and confidence in me and always reminds me of how important it is to respect myself. She let me make my own decisions even if they were the wrong ones. She set high expectations of me so that I knew anything was possible. At my lowest points and most desperate moments, she lifted my spirits.  

No matter what, she loved me and I love her, just the way we are. So, this Mother’s Day I want to say a giant thank you to my ‘ma’ for always being my number 1 fan.