Santorini or Corfu? Millennials Are Picking Holidays Based on How Insta-Perfect They Are

Even just glancing on Instagram, it seems like almost everyone is travelling the world. I don’t know about you, but I get serious FOMO every time I scroll through my feed.

Social media has been a powerful influence in our everyday choices in general, but especially in terms of travel.

Instagram and other social media platforms are full of travel bloggers, and folks who simply love to share pictures and stories of their holidays. Obviously, people love travel related content. But how much of a role does Instagram play in helping us make travel decisions?

According to the Independent, a recent study by Schofields Insurance revealed that two-fifths (40.1%) of millennials choose a holiday location based on its “Instagrammability”.

It may come as no surprise that the Instagram-potential of a holiday influences our choice of destination. Us always-connected, highly-mobile millennials are obsessively chronicling our worlds, everything from what we had for lunch to our recent trip to Rome.

Millennials as a generation are growing up in a world where travel is easier and considerably cheaper than for elder generations and we’re taking full advantage of this to travel the globe in search of unique experiences.

That said, and with summer around the corner, here’s some travel-inspo to make your next holiday legendary.

You’re welcome!


Credit: Schofields Insurance

Credit: Schofields Insurance

Canada was voted no1 for best in travel 2017 by Lonely Planet. Importantly, 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, the moment Canada became a self-governing dominion within the British Empire. Canada has a lot of different terrains to experience, there are desert areas in British Columbia, the fjords and islands of Inside Passage.

Visit the official tourism site for more on what you can experience in Canada.


Credit Schofields Insurance

Credit Schofields Insurance

No1 of the 20 best destinations to visit in 2017 as rated by The Telegraph. Chile has just become much more accessible for us Brits, thanks to the launch of a direct British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Santiago. The country is 4300km in length (the equivalent of Norway to Nigeria), and with an average width of just 175km!

Chile has many different adventures to offer tourists: stargazing in the driest desert in the world, millennial glaciers in the southernmost part of the planet, enchanted forests, and lakes located at the foot of massive volcanoes.

We bet your friends will be jealous of your volcano snaps! Read more on Chile here.


Credit Schofields Insurance

Credit Schofields Insurance

A place very close to my heart. Antigua is where I’ll be sunning myself this summer.

It’s the archetypal Caribbean island - sun-drenched, candy-coloured villages, fringed with dazzling white sand and set by a warm jade and aquamarine sea. They have 365 beaches on the island – one for every day of the year. You can see why Giorgio Armani and Oprah keep homes there.

Read up on Antigua here, and maybe I’ll catch you for some rum on the beach this summer!